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Tobias Schneider

Tobias Schneider — School of Simulation and Visualisation

The impact of AI transparency on the user experience in autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving offers the chance to design for new, holistic user experiences. This PhD looks at practical ways to do so. It will use methods such as focus groups, interviews with experts, user tests and virtual reality experiences to explore, prototype and evaluate new ways of user experience and interaction in autonomous driving. The use of virtual or mixed reality aims to provide people with an immersive, hands-on experience of this new way of travel. By creating physical prototypes, this thesis aims to provide tangible experiences with a new form of mobility and interaction between humans and intelligent systems. This research aims to extend current research in the area of user experience design and human-computer interaction with the focus on autonomous driving and thereby provide new knowledge of designing for a new medium.

Tobias Schneider is a German user experience (UX) designer and frontend developer. He graduated from the Stuttgart Media School and now works there as a scientific research assistant and lecturer. His main field of research is autonomous driving, with a particular focus on human computer interaction (HCI).