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Shona Noble

Shona Noble — School of Simulation and Visualisation

The digital otherworld: accessing place-based folklore through digital space.

This practice-led PhD explores the ways in which the connection between traditional folklore and the landscape of Scotland be reimagined and digitally co-created with local communities for a diverse range of audiences. It will use participatory research and rapid ethnographic methods, with a particular focus on co-design and co-production as ‘intervention,’ observation of participant involvement in co-design and co-production activities, and focused group interviews. In line with action research principles, these methods will be developed and evaluated in response to communities’ and participants’ needs and requirements. The PhD will address the research gap of mapping Scottish folklore through digital technologies by testing methods for creating prototypes that encourage knowledge exchange between communities’ local cultural heritage, ‘digital natives,’ and creative economies. Its core aim is to promote diversity of participation, in particular, connecting non-traditional audiences to these strands of tangible and intangible heritage.

Shona Noble holds a MSc in International Heritage Visualisation from GSA and a BSc Mathematics from the University of Glasgow. She is interested in mapping cultural data and using digital technologies to explore the relationship between cultural intangible heritage and the landscape and how this relates to creative and rural economies.