PhD Showcase


Marly Muudeni Samuel

Marly Muudeni Samuel — School of Simulation and Visualisation

Facilitating community co-design approaches for inter-relationships: supporting action and dialogue engagement between fishery sectors to promote community-led initiatives for sustainable ocean livelihoods in Namibia.

Namibia is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with multiple ethnic groups, a rich cultural heritage, and a fishing industry amongst the most productive in Africa. This practice-led PhD explores marginalised coastal communities that are part of a socioecological system characterised by inequitable access and distribution of sector resources. These communities have long-standing cultural links and emotional connections with the ocean, but there is unrealised potential to benefit from the formal fishing economy in ways that would enable livelihoods and enhance the sector’s sustainability. The research will explore the role of ocean cultural preservation through emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. It aims to investigate ocean governance, to integrate the knowledge of local communities, and to improve understanding of the inter-relationship between different fisheries and critical marine habitats. It will use community-based codesign and co-production methods to reveal the links between tangible and intangible cultural heritage, indigenous ocean knowledge, practices, and economies.

Marly Muudeni Samuel is passionate about innovation, technology and governance for inclusivity, youth and women empowerment, and sustainability. She graduated from the Namibia University of Science and Technology and has broad experience in participatory design and innovation-driven development projects. She previously worked as a Technology Innovations Coordinator for the IctechHub, an innovation driven technology hub in Windhoek.