PhD Showcase


Mark Rego

Mark Rego — Mackintosh School of Architecture

An architecture of time: duration in architectural theory and practice.

How do we experience time through architecture? This PhD proposes to investigate how time and our conceptions of time have been a fundamental element in architectural practice and theory. Borrowing from the fields of philosophy, psychology or physics, this interdisciplinary research aims to elicit understandings of how time, and its multiple facets, contribute to the criticism and ontology of architecture. How do we experience or perceive time in the built environment? How can the phenomenology of time contribute to new conceptions of architecture? What is the role of decay, ruin, or memory in architectural meaning? The key departure points for this research are Henri Bergson’s theory of duration, and a genealogy of the experience of time through modern and contemporary thought. The aim is to contribute to a theory of architecture of time, revealing new understandings of architecture and new ways of viewing it through a temporal lens.

Mark Rego graduated from the Boston Architectural College in 2011 and undertook postgraduate study at the University of Porto in 2013. He has since worked in architectural practices in the USA, Portugal, and Scotland. His main interests lie in the boundaries and relationships between philosophy and architectural theory and practice.