PhD Showcase


Ginny Elston

Ginny Elston — School of Fine Art

Rethinking material knowledge through the formative drive in art objects.

Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) is a school of metaphysical thought that is representative of the New Materialist philosophy’s recent ‘turn to matter’. OOO explores ideas of accessibility, potency and the relationality of all ‘things’. What does it mean as a visual artist to grant an interiority to the life of objects? This practice-led PhD explores the agency of organic and inorganic materials alongside their potential to exist and operate in a land beyond human perception. How can we make sense of what happens in the studio beyond the parameters of logic and language? The research proposes a new methodology of philosophic investigation into OOO via ‘Painting Plus’ – painting, sculpture, drawing and installation. The project aims to expand the notion of what painting and sculpture constitutes spatially, materially and theoretically, thereby increasing our understanding and awareness of the lives of materials in the world.

Ginny Elston is a cross-disciplinary artist, researcher and educator. She graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA Hons in History of Art and French (2010), and gained her MFA from the University of Dundee (2016). Her practice forms an embodied living inquiry into the connections between visual art, philosophy and arts education.