PhD Showcase


Gamia Dewanggamanik

Gamia Dewanggamanik — Innovation School

Designing situated-participation through an exploration of everyday creative practices within rural communities in Indonesia.

Design intervention holds a growing presence in the development sector in Indonesia. However, rural craft and vernacular practice within development frameworks remain circumscribed by colonial perceptions of exoticism, thus dispossessing the communities of their knowledge. This practice-led PhD asks: how can an exploration of everyday creative practices within rural communities in Indonesia provide insights and opportunities for designers to create situated participation? Focusing on the Wakatobi Islands, this PhD explores a space for design to move away from an expert-driven approach. To do so, it investigates rural communities’ everyday creative practice as an exemplary distributed mode of innovation that demonstrates resilience and situated knowledge. The research uses participatory action research approaches to re-centre local communities’ knowledge and perspectives, aiming to shift the asymmetrical power relation between design and indigenous knowledge and eventually reframe community empowerment practices beyond the universalised ideals of development and progress.

Gamia Dewanggamanik graduated from Textile Design at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia (2011) and MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins (2017). Her design research and practice lie within the intersection of material culture and design innovation, with a primary focus on community development projects in rural areas across Indonesia.