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Christopher Wild

Christopher Wild — Innovation School

Creative futures: re-imagining creative education and digital learning in Shetland through collaborative creative practice.

In collaboration with Shetland Arts, this practice-based PhD seeks to address Shetland’s unique challenges and opportunities surrounding the sustainability of creative practices, education, and youth migration. Particular focus will lie on learning from the precarity exposed during and caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This will enhance our understanding of how policies can sustain and improve support for the multifaceted landscape of creative cultural work in Shetland. Further, the PhD explores how, and in what ways, youth engagement, design-led learning, and digital opportunities can benefit Shetland’s creative economy. The overarching methodological framework will be Participatory Action Research. Initially, participatory design methods will be reframed towards digital forms of engagement. These will draw on asset-based approaches, semi-structured interviews, and co-design workshops. The research aims to map situational values, cultivate experiential insights into the lived experience of creative practitioners and young people, and develop a long-term strategy to support Shetland’s creative practices in the future.

As a recent graduate from the GSA’s MSc in Product Design Engineering and MRes in Design Innovation, Christopher Wild’s practice explores the dynamic interplay of digital technologies, instrumental music, and traditional crafts. His research interests lie in island and peripheral communities. He explores how vernacular creative practices and cultural narratives link to place-based innovation.